A "dip" into the history of the bridge ...

On 26th July 1967 the old barge bridge left its function and a modern concrete bridge took its place.

Barges that for a long time linked the banks of Reggio Emilia and Mantua were separated and leaned on Boretto’s and Viadana’s banks.

Barges were abandoned as they shouldn’t be used anymore.

People who lived and worked on the bridge from beginning couldn’t forget the old barge bridge.

Romano Gialdini, son of Dino (the last head sapper, nephew of Archimede, the first head sapper and sapper as well) couldn’t do it.

The bridge was very important in Romano’s life and couldn’t leave his mind.

And so Romano decided to rebuild the bridge in his house: and this let him the opportunity to feel the emotions of the past again.

Romano gives the chance to everyone who wants to remind old memories or discover old suggestive places, to satisfy his wishes.

With this intent Romano placed, Romano put the most significant pictures of bridge life and a model on the scale of 1 to 10 in a building placed near the old bridge.

Going into the museum you can feel immediately a deep link with the past.

You can look at these places with the same emotion of the people who used to live there.

Guided tours by appointment, tel. Romano +39 333 4012619

Inauguration June 2000

Virtual museum

Inauguration with municipal and regional institutional authorities

June 3, 2000

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